Artist Statement

Joyce’s work is an examination of self—often the contradictions of self—through the environment. A central motif in this examination is the question of duality: conflict and coexistence, belonging and non-belonging, intersection and parallel, content and form. The clean geometry of the urban landscape depicted through the gritty reality of documentary-style photography. Likewise, solid historical structures often share or compete for space with billowing clouds. Elsewhere, shiny new asphalt reflects the sagging brick of aging buildings. A sense of nostalgia pervades the images as Joyce’s camera both captures and obscures a material reality, a past, and a self finding its time and place. Joyce proficiently controls all steps of her process; using a combination of digital and analog media in both 35mm and medium formats.


Rebecca Joyce (British, b. 1980) is a fine art photographer focusing primarily on the urban landscape. While in university, Joyce began working in a photo lab where she learned the technical side of photography and printing. This job would become an unexpected career in the photographic industry. Joyce holds degrees in Psychology and Sociology—specializing in theory, research, and statistics—and is a self-taught photographer. She works primarily in black and white and her work explores the concepts of conflict, nostalgia, and duality.

Her work has been selected by multiple photography competitions, including Women in Photography International’s Annual Juried Competition, the International Photo Awards, and DRKRM Gallery’s curated series, Fotoflo. She has shown at Blue Chips Gallery, The Perfect Exposure Gallery, and Fathom Gallery.

Rebecca Joyce lives and works in Los Angeles.